Stacey West Jewellery

Contemporary award winning jewellery design.

This collection of work encourages the wearer to interact with movable interlocking textured elements that resemble the natural stratified lines and colours found in the geology of the north Cornwall coastline and celebrates the contrasts between texture and line, organic and geometric and translucency and opaque.

Large sterling silver caged necklace with handcrafted box clasp. The subtle aquatic translucency of glass interacts with the delicate density of white bronze creating gratifying clicks as they move and organic textures interlock.
Solid sterling silver interlocking pendant pair.
Sterling silver interlocking cufflinks.

Interchangeable Collection 

Sterling silver cage pendants with removable elements. The caging can be opened and interlocking textured pieces can be removed to play with, and changed to create an alternate look. A hinge at one end of the pieces allows interchangeability while a small clasp at the other end of the cage holds the pieces together.
Large locket cage pendant with glass, red bronze and white bronze elements, sterling silver snake chain.
Large locket cage pendant with glass, pewter, concrete and brass removable interlocking elements, sterling silver snake chain.


Interlocking elements are free to turn and move without caging for a different aesthetic.
Please note- White bronze contains nickel.